How to Change or Hide IP Address Google Chrome

Different Tricks to Change IP Address with Google Chrome Browser

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There are several different ways you can change the IP Address of Google Chrome web browser.

You will learn the different methods of changing Google Chromes IP as well as the advantages and shortcomings of each IP changing method so you can decide which method is right for you.

Change IP Google Chrome the direct way

This method of changing Google Chromes IP address actually changes the IP address of both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. This method accesses the Internet Properties dialog box of Windows.

1. Launch the Chrome browser.

2. In Chromes address bar type and press Enter. This will bring up the page shown below.

Google Chromes settings to change Google Chromes IP address.
Google Chromes settings to change Google Chromes IP address

3. Another way to get to this same page is to click the wrench icon in the very upper right corner of Chrome browser which will bring up the menu shown below left. Then click the Settings menu item which will bring you to the page shown by the image above.

4. Click the Change proxy settings... button as shown by the red arrow in the image above. This will launch the Windows Internet Properties dialog box as shown below right.

Google Chrome customize menu.
Google Chrome customize menu
Internet Properties Dialog Box.
Internet Properties Dialog Box

5. Click the LAN Settings button as indicated by the red arrow. This will launch the LAN or local area netword settings dialog box shown below.

local area network settings dialog box.
Local area network settings dialog box

6. Enter in a proxy servers IP address as shown by red ball #1.

7. Enter in that proxy servers port number as shown by red ball #2.

8. Click the OK button as shown by red ball #3.

If you ask me that was a lot of work. If you don't have a reliable list of proxy server IP address it is going to be even more work because most of the free proxy server IP address listed online either don't work or they are  p a i n f u l l y  s l o w.  This means every time you try one and it does not work you have to go through this whole series of steps all over again until you finally try an IP address:Port combination that finally works. This is a way to change your IP address with Google Chrome browsing but if you plan on changing Google Chrome IP address with any regularity this method is going to get old to you quick.

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Change IP Google Chrome via Google Chrome Extensions

This method is much easier but you have to realize this way of changing Google Chromes IP address is only going to change the IP when using Google Chrome. This means your IP will not be hidden or altered when using any other browser or any program that accesses the internet - just Google Chrome. Here is a list of the better Google Chrome Extensions for changing your IP address.

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Change IP Google Chrome via IP Changing Software Program

A standalone software program for changing your IP address has the most power, ease, and flexibility because these type of IP changing application change the IP for the entire PC so no matter which browser your use - Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc., your IP is changed for all of them and is also changed for any program you use to access the internet. The ideal IP changing program will also come with a quality fresh list of proxy server IP addresses that can be updated or checked as often as you wish.

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